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Visitng Banff

Welcome to the Canadian Rockies

If someone were to ask you to imagine the perfect mountain town, what would come to mind? Towering snow-capped peaks from every angle? Crystal blue lakes and glacier fed rivers? Endless amounts of nature and wildlife? And what if we told you that such a place actually existed? Welcome to the Town of Banff - where “magic” is the reality.

With some of the most iconic natural locations in Canada, Banff National Park is the epitome of “breathtaking”. Whether you're canoeing the crisp turquoise waters of Moraine Lake or visiting the legendary Morant’s Curve - as seen on the $10 Canadian bill - you’ll leave wondering if this place is real or a simply a figment of your imagination.

Oh and it doesn’t stop there. Banff is the ultimate outdoor-enthusiasts playground. Hiking, trail running, camping, skiing, snow boarding, mountain biking, rock climbing, Nordic skiing and snowshoeing are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s an endless bounty of outdoor adventures, right at our doorstep.

Canada’s crown jewel? Banff might just fit that description to a “T”.

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