Explorer's Club

Giving You More Reasons to Adventure With Us

Welcome to the Basecamp Explorer's Club. Become a member today and start earning cash rewards! We believe you should have the opportunity to choose rewards that speak to you. With options ranging from 5% to 15% of the value of your stay, you can mix them up or save them for later.

Three Ways to Benefit ... You Choose

5% Cash Back

5% Cash for Cause

15% Cash Forward

Cash Rewards are facilitated through our partnership with Guest Book

How It Works

Cash Back

Redeem your rewards via PayPal, visa eGift card, Bitcoin or country-specifc retail gift cards.

Cash For A Cause

Use your cash rewards to make an impact towards a cause of your choice

Cash Forward

Already excited about your next trip? Apply your cash rewards to get a head start.

Start Earning Rewards

Rewards are facilitated through our partnership with The Guestbook. Enroll with your email and book your room via our website.

Enroll and Earn Rewards Today

Cash Rewards are facilitated through our partnership with The Guestbook. Enroll using your email address and book through this site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Explorer's Club?

You can become a member of the Explorer's Club in two simple ways: If you're already a part of the Guest Book network, you're automatically enrolled. Just make sure to book with the same email address tied to your Guest Book account. Otherwise, you can sign up during the checkout process on your next booking with Basecamp Resorts.

How does the Explorer's Club rewards program work?

After each stay with us, you’ll have the choice to receive 5% cash back, donate that 5% to a charity of your choice, or receive a 15% cash forward towards your next booking. These rewards are calculated based on your booking total before incidentals.

When will I see my rewards after my stay?

Your rewards will be credited to your Guest Book account within 3-5 days after you check out. You can watch your earnings grow and choose to cash them out or let them accumulate for bigger rewards.

Is there a minimum amount required to redeem my rewards?

No, there is no minimum threshold. You can choose to cash out your rewards after just one stay, or you can accumulate them over time for something bigger – it’s completely up to you!

Can I earn rewards on every booking with Basecamp Resorts?

Absolutely! Every booking you make with Basecamp Resorts earns you rewards once you’re an Explorer's Club member. The more you stay, the more you earn.

Are there any restrictions on using my cash forward credit?

Your cash forward credit is designed to make your next stay even better. There are no blackout dates; however, the credit must be applied to a future booking and cannot be used for incidentals.

What makes Basecamp Resorts' Explorer's Club different from other rewards programs?

Unlike many other programs, Explorer's Club rewards you with actual cash. It’s straightforward, flexible, and offers you the freedom to choose how you benefit. Plus, our unique accommodations ensure that every stay is an experience in itself.