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Our impact so far

Our impact so far


Trees Planted towards our 250,000 goal

Our mission with One Tree Planted aims to tackle deforestation and habitat degradation in Alberta and British Columbia through tree planting campaigns.

Reforestation benefits the climate and environment worldwide, combating climate change beyond borders through vital carbon sequestration.

Why Plant Trees?

We firmly believe in harnessing the power of trees to mitigate climate change, enhance air and water quality, and create habitats for a diverse range of species. Our sustainability pledge is rooted in combating deforestation, restoring ecosystems, and promoting biodiversity.

Where is the impact?

This initiative will focus on reforestation projects in Alberta and British Columbia; 2 provinces that have suffered significant deforestation and habitat degradation due to various factors.

How does it work?

Starting May 1, 2023, we will donate a portion of all proceeds from all Basecamp Resorts properties to One Tree Planted, and for every dollar donated, 1 tree will be planted in Alberta or BC.

Our Reforestation Projects

Mistehae Lake

Mistahae Lake Fire Planting project has planted 80 thousand trees so far in 2022, and will aim to plant about half a million more trees on provincial land in the Slave Lake Forest area of Alberta. The forest is a unique and extremely remote part of Canada's territory which is over 350km from the nearest city. We’re going to grow a number of different species including white spruce, black spruce, lodgepole pine, balsam poplar, willow. The project proposes to use planting as an effective method to reforest the land and eventually return the land to a conifer dominated forest to enhance biodiversity. Our goal is to support the land's natural regeneration cycle by using no mechanical or chemical site preparation, but relying on the hands of individual planters to manually create microsites.

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Sparrow Project

This project will plant a mix of white spruce, black spruce, and pine to replicate the historical forest on the property. The creation of a new coniferous dominated forest will provide key wildlife habitat for a variety of wildlife species. Seedlings grown locally will benefit a local nursery. Some of the tree planters live close to the property and their income will continue to support the local community.

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Nazko Wildfire Restoration Project

This project will plant tree seedlings to reforest previously forested lands that were severely impacted by the 2017 Plateau Fire near Nazko, British Columbia (BC). The sites in this project have been surveyed and were found to have little to no natural regeneration coming in after the wildfire. When there is natural regeneration in this part of BC, it is mostly lodgepole pine and trembling aspen due to their respective adaptations for regenerating after a wildfire. By planting we are able to increase the species diversity by including native species that are not so well adapted to coming back after a wildfire such as hybrid spruce and Douglas-fir.

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Yunesit'in rehabilitation

Yunesit’in Government is an indigenous Tsilhqot’in community located 114 km west of Williams Lake on the Chilcotin Plateau. Yunesit'in wishes to create a sustainable landscape that includes fuel mitigation to reduce impact of future wildfires, as well as rehabilitation of forests that will otherwise have very slow recovery to healthy stand conditions following the initial mountain pine beetle infestation.

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More ways to make an impact

Shop Local

When you shop locally within your community, you're not only supporting small businesses but also making a positive impact on sustainability. By choosing local products and services, you reduce carbon emissions associated with long-distance transportation and help foster a more resilient local economy.

Plant a Tree

Join us in our commitment to environmental conservation by participating in our "Plant a Tree" initiative, you can learn more on how to help, here. By contributing to this program, you can make a tangible and lasting impact on the planet. Planting trees is a simple yet powerful action.

Unplug at Night

Embrace the benefits of unplugging, not just for yourself but also for the Earth. By consciously disconnecting from electronic devices and reducing energy usage, you can play a vital role in conserving resources, minimizing your carbon footprint, and creating a healthier planet.

Tell Your Friends

Spread the word about One Tree Planted and inspire your friends to join the cause. By sharing the mission, you can empower others to make a meaningful impact on reforestation and environmental conservation.

Help us plant even more trees

Want to help make additional impact? You can plant more trees by donating directly via the button below.


Trees planted towards our 250,000 goal.