Sky McLean

CEO & Founder

Sky is a Canadian  entrepreneur building a hospitality empire with her company Basecamp Resorts,  the fastest growing hospitality brand in Western Canada. Born and raised in  Ontario, she earned an MBA in real estate at the Schulich School of Business  at York University. Her appreciation of the outdoors and winter sports led  her to Calgary after graduation, where she worked for a local real estate  developer .At age 29, Sky bought her first property, a condominium in Canmore,  and rented it out on AirBnB. She instantly fell in love with the business  model, and since then has successfully owned and operated 8 modern boutique  hotels in mountain towns across Alberta and British Columbia under the  Basecamp Resorts brand. An outdoor enthusiast, Sky is an avid downhill skier,  Nordic skier, snowmobiler and mountain biker. She lives in Canmore, AB with  her husband and two children.