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The on-site utilities during your stay.


Water: Three wells: the yellow hose on the south side of the Trading Post is drinkable water and can fill water jugs/ RVs. The other two have hand pumps. No water access at the sites.

Electricity: No power is available at the sites; however, there are electrical outlets in the washrooms at the Trading Post. We generate our own power on-site. When the generator is off for regular maintenance, there is no power. Signs will be posted to alert you to these times. Bring your flashlights!

Firewood: Available at the Trading Post. You are also welcome to bring your own (as long as it is from Alberta). It is illegal to collect deadwood in Kananaskis.

Dishwashing: There is no central dishwashing station; dishes must be washed at the campsite, not at the water wells or in the washrooms.

Bear-proof garbage bins

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