7 Canmore Activities You Can't Miss Out On

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June 2, 2022
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The region around Canmore, Alberta in Canada attracts more than five million visitors per year. With its amazing variety of activities and breathtaking natural beauty, it's no wonder this is such a popular venue with people looking to explore Canada.

But with so many great things to do in the area, it can be tough to decide on an itinerary when you're visiting Canmore yourself. It would take a lifetime to explore everything this jewel of the Canadian Rockies has to offer. 

If you're looking to discover the best Canmore activities, we’ve got you covered. We've put together a list of essential activities for you to enjoy during your vacation.

Keep reading to learn what you need to know for a great experience.

1. Take a Hike

There are so many different options for hiking trips in the mountains surrounding Canmore. There's a good reason hiking is one of the most popular things to do in Canmore. 

If your boots were made for walking, you're in for a treat. There are a huge number of beautiful trails around town, taking in some of the best scenery Alberta has to offer.

There are trails to suit all abilities. For a short hike, try Grassi Lakes Trail, starting from the parking lot just outside of town, and enjoy the path that winds through forests and past dreamy blue pools. Or for something a little more challenging, climb the Cougar Creek Trail and enjoy the view from the various lookout points along the way. 

2. Go Canoeing at Canmore Reservoir

What better way could there be to relax than getting out on the water? Canmore Reservoir is one of the most beautiful bodies of water in the area, and it's perfect for water sports. 

Also known as the Spray Lakes Reservoir, this magnificent body of water is surrounded by luscious woodland and imposing snowy mountains. Glide across the crystal clear waters while breathing in the fresh air and enjoying the views around you.

Keep your eyes peeled and you may even spot some local wildlife. Moose are known to drink from the banks, and you could spot a variety of wild bird species too. Wood ducks, flycatchers, woodpeckers, and many more can be seen in the area. 

3. Take a Dog Sled Tour

Everyone loves a sled ride. Most people love dogs. Why not combine sleds and dogs into the ultimate experience with a magical dog sled tour? 

With Snowy Owl Dog Sled Tours, you can enjoy a tour at whatever time of year you visit. There are lots of different sled types available, and you can choose to drive yourself or be driven by an instructor. 

There's no better way to appreciate the natural beauty of the region. That is if you can tear your eyes away from the sight of the gorgeous huskies pulling your sled! If you fall in love with the dogs, you can even adopt a retired sled husky! 

 4. Grab a Photo With the Giant Head

If you're looking for a fun and relaxing, yet unique activity, you only need to take a quick stroll downtown.  

Downtown Canmore is home to an unusual sculpture, taking the form of a giant head. This unusual piece of art, built as an obscure tribute to the origin of Canmore's name, is a truly striking sight. 

For many visitors to Canmore, a picture with the iconic head is the perfect way to remember their trip to the area. 

5. Try Cross-Country Skiing at the Nordic Center

The Canadian Rockies are well-known as a hub for winter sports. If you're visiting in the colder months, why not try out some cross-country skiing during your trip?

Canmore Nordic Center provincial park is the ideal place to enjoy a little skiing. There are plenty of trails available to suit all abilities. Please note, visitors must pay a trail use fee and acquire a trail use fee from the day lodge.

The park is well worth visiting whatever time of year you come to Canmore. If you're visiting during the warmer months, it's a good spot to take a short walk and enjoy a picnic. 

6. Experience Snowkiting With Graykite

Snowkiting is another fun winter sport. If you've never heard of it, suffice to say it's a little like water skiing on snow! It's a fun, high-speed way to make the most of the cold weather. 

Graykite Canmore is the perfect place to try out this high-adrenaline sport for yourself. The school offers expert-led classes for everyone from kids to beginners.

It's the ideal activity for visitors feeling extra adventurous! The instructors will keep you safe and even offer a full refund for anyone unhappy with their snowkiting experience. 

7. Stop for a Bite at the Miner's Lamp Pub

All these exciting activities are bound to work up an appetite. Once you're ready for a rest, there are plenty of great places around Canmore for you to stop and eat.

One of the best is the Miner's Lamp Pub, part of the Georgetown Inn. This British-style pub serves up the traditional cuisine from across the pond, including roast beef and Yorkshire puddings. The traditional decorations, designed to evoke the feel of an English country house, only add to the relaxing atmosphere. 

It's Time to Plan Your Trip With Canmore Activities Included

There are so many more things to enjoy on a Canmore vacation. The best way to discover all these great Canmore activities and more is by planning a trip here yourself.

Basecamp Resorts Canmore is the perfect place for visitors to stay. There are all kinds of different rooms and amenities, so there's something to suit everyone. We pride ourselves on offering an amazing experience for all our visitors. 

Ready to experience Canmore? Check out our available rooms today.

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