How to plan the perfect ski trip to Revelstoke, BC

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November 27, 2023
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Here are eight tips to help you plan the perfect ski getaway this winter:

1) Timing is Everything - Best times to visit

Picking the perfect time is key to securing those exceptional snow conditions that Revelstoke is renowned for. With an annual average of over 9 meters (30 feet) of snow, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a blast and experience the champagne powder that Revelstoke is famous for, no matter when you decide to visit. However, if you’re after prime-time conditions, set your sights on January or February when the snowfall kicks it up a notch. However, winter typically extends until mid-April, treating you to powder and a better chance at those sweet bluebird days. This extra layer of excitement seems to unfold on a weekly basis.

Photo by Nat Segal via Instagram

2) Book your accommodation - Book early or watch for last minute offers

When it comes to staying in Revelstoke, Basecamp offers choices as diverse as the terrain. From a centrally located and budget friendly hotel to serene condo-style resort, we have something for everyone. If you’re seeking budget-friendly digs, check out Northwinds Hotel Revelstoke. For a cozy stay with a view and room for the entire family, check out our Resort location offering a range of suites, including micro studios to spacious 4 or 5 bedroom apartments.

Northwinds Hotel Revelstoke
Basecamp Resorts Revelstoke

3) Purchase lift tickets in advance

For an optimal mountain experience, we recommend purchasing your lift tickets in advance. This strategic move not only spares you the inconvenience of waiting in line but also proves to be the most cost-effective solution.

If you’re an Ikon Pass or Mountain Collective pass holder, you’re in luck! Both offer access to Revelstoke Mountain Resort. The Ikon Pass is a season pass that unlocks access to various ski resorts worldwide. The Mountain Collective pass is designed for limited use, it opens the doors to select ski resorts. These not only cut down lift ticket expenses but also dish out exclusive perks like discounts on rentals and food.

Rest assured, Revelstoke Mountain Resorts guarantees a seamless and efficient pass pickup experience. This streamlined process ensures you’ll spend less time in line and more time enjoying the slopes!

4) Gear up for the adventure - Elevate your gear game

If you’re a seasoned shredder with your own equipment, then you may not have to think about rentals. But, if you’re looking to amp up your gear or flying in from a distance, Revelstoke provides a variety of high quality ski and snowboard rental shops. From skis and snowboards to helmets, boots, and even avalanche safety gear, they’ve got it all.

It’s important to keep in mind, most ski resorts and rental shops may not provide ski goggles, so be sure to plan accordingly by purchasing or packing your own.

Explore these rental shops for all the essentials:

Photo Credit: Revelstoke Mountain Resort via Website

5) Mountain-Ready Essentials - Packing accordingly

Be prepared for true mountain weather, as Revelstoke is nestled amongst the Selkirk and Monashee Mountains. Pack wisely with warm clothing including a base layer, mid-layer, and insulated jackets and pants. Don’t forget gloves, a hat, and a neck gaiter to keep you warm on the mountain. Proper winter footwear and a water resistant jacket are a must!

Photo credit: Blizzard Technica via Website

6) Priority Number One - Coffee

For guests staying at our properties, you can kickstart your day with complimentary coffee right in your suite. But, if you’re on the lookout for a killer cup of joe, be sure to hit up these iconic Revy coffee spots and experience some of the local vibes:

Image Credit: Dose Coffee via See Revelstoke Website

7) Avalanche Territory - Be in the know before you go

Understanding avalanche safety is paramount when skiing or snowboarding in Revelstoke, British Columbia. Renowned for its copious snowfall and extreme backcountry terrain, avalanches can occur regularly, so being prepared, educated and aware is of the upmost importance.

Photo Credit: P Laura Szanto, Athlete Shota Ida & Rachel Lung via See Revelstoke

To ensure a safe trip, enroll in an avalanche safety course, equip yourself with the necessary safety gear, and consult the daily avalanche forecast before heading out. Always travel with a skiing or snowboarding partner, and inform someone about your backcountry plans. Armed with knowledge and preparedness, Revelstoke’s offerings can be savoured safely, and enjoyed responsibly.

8) Powder to Pints - Crafting the Perfect Après

Is a day on slopes ever truly wrapped up without a good après? We think not. You’ll find a diverse array of activities to enjoy after a day on the slopes, from hot tubs and spa treatments, to dining, and vibrant nightlife. Although Revelstoke has plenty of food options, if your plans extend beyond just drinks, consider making a reservation.

Here are our favourite Après spots to check out:

Photo credit: See Revelstoke at Rumpus Beer Co via Website

Bonus Tip! Hunt down the sweet spots on the mountain

Revelstoke Mountain Resort is all about epic snow and diverse terrain, but with so much to choose from, finding the best snow can be a bit like a treasure hunt. Here’s a hint: opt for north-facing runs as they often retain snow longer than south-facing ones and are less affecting by the sun.

And hey, don’t be shy to ask the ski patrol for insider tips. They’re the pros who know this mountain like the back of their gloves, and they’re stoked to point you to where the snow’s primo!

Here are our favorite runs to check-out:

  1. SWF
  2. North Bowl
  3. Clydes Secret Glades
  4. Critical Path
  5. Seperate Reality Bowl

View the trail map here.

Photo by Revelstoke Mountain Resort via Instagram

Follow these tips and your snowcation in Revelstoke is guaranteed to be nothing short of exhilarating! Revel in the abundance of snow, diverse terrain, and wide range of activities - All of which make Revelstoke the ultimate destination for skiers and snowboards of all skill levels.

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