Your Essential Guide to Mountain Biking in Revelstoke

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July 26, 2023
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May 22, 2024
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Revelstoke sits between the Selkirk and Monashee mountain ranges, having become a haven for adrenaline junkies. With its rugged trails carved through forests and adrenaline-joting descents, and awe-inspiring panoramas, this small mountain town never fails to deliver riders a heart-pounding adventure through one of nature’s most epic playgrounds.

From challenging single tracks that will test your limits, to flowy trails where you’ll lose yourself in the sheer joy of the ride, #TheRealStoke covers the gamut. So grab your helmet, strap on your gear, and get ready to discover a world where the thrill of adventure meets the beauty of the mountains. Revelstoke awaits, and the trails are calling.

Photo Credit: Destination BC/Ryan Creary

Bike Rentals and Prices

Our top picks for bike rentals are Revelstoke Mountain Resort or Wandering Wheels with their extensive fleet of high-quality bikes and gear, their expert staff offer a seamless and hassle-free experience.To maximize your savings, take advantage of the convenient option to reserve your bike and gear in advance through their websites.

Reserve your bike 24+ hours in advance and save 20% off walk-up rates at Revelstoke Mountain Resort!

Revelstoke Mountain Rental Rates

Downhill/Enduro Full Day: $149.99CAD + tax (Walk-Up) or $119.99CAD + tax (Online)

Downhill/Enduro Half-day: $129.99CAD + tax (Walk-Up)

E-Bike Full Day: $165.99CAD(Walk-Up) or $132.79CAD + tax (Online)

E-Bike Half Day: $145.99CAD + tax Walk-Up

Kids Rental Full Day: $99.99CAD + tax (Walk-Up) $79.99CAD + tax (Online)

Kids Rental Half Day: $79.99CAD+ tax

Wandering Wheels Rental Rates

Regular Enduro Full Day: $110CAD + tax

Regular Enduro Half Day: $80CAD + tax

Premium Enduro Full Day: $130CAD + tax

Premium Enduro Half Day: $95CAD + tax

Kids Mountain Bike Full Day: $75CAD + tax

Kids Mountain Bike Half Day: $60CAD + tax

Photo Credit: Wandering Wheels

Important Gear to Have

When it comes to mountain biking, prioritizing safety is essential and equipping yourself with the right protective gear is a must. Elbow and knee pads, a helmet, shoes, and gloves play critical roles in safeguarding your body and enhancing your overall riding experience.

Both Revelstoke Mountain Resort and Wandering Wheels offer more than just bikes for rent - they also provide a comprehensive selection of protective gear to ensure your safety on the trails. Their knowledgeable staff are on hand to assist you in choosing the right equipment based on your needs and preferences.

Revelstoke Mountain Protective Gear Rental Rates

Full Package (helmet, knee & elbow pads, chest protector): $49.99CAD + tax

Knee & elbow pads: $19.99CAD + tax

Full face helmet: $19.99CAD + tax

Wandering Wheels Protective Gear Rental Rates

Half Face Helmet: $10CAD + tax

Full Face Helmet: $20CAD + tax

Knee Pads: $15CAD + tax

Elbow Pads: $10CAD + tax

Photo Credit: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

What to Bring on Your Ride

When gearing up for your biking adventure, packing the right essentials can make a world of difference: Here’s a short list of what to bring on your day out:

  1. Helmet: The most critical piece of gear. When riding the biking park a full face with goggles or sunglasses is preferred, if you are riding easy to moderate trails a half face helmet will be much cooler as you ride uphill.
  2. Protective Gear: Depending on your comfort level and riding style knee pads, elbow pads, and gloves are recommended.
  3. Appropriate Clothing: Dress in moisture-wicking and breathable clothing suitable for the weather conditions. We recommend wearing a shammy for additional comfort. If you are riding the bike park pants are recommended and shorts for any enduro riding.
  4. Hydration Station: Carry a water bottle or a hydration pack to stay hydrated on the trails, especially during hot weather or long rides.
  5. Snacks: Energy bars, trail mix, or fruits can provide a quick boost of energy during your ride, keeping you fueled and focused.
  6. Trail Map or Downloaded Maps: Familiarize yourself with the trail network beforehand. We recommend Trailforks. Download it onto your phone for convenience.
  7. Sunscreen and Sunglasses: Protect yourself from the sun’s rays with sunscreen and wear sunglasses or goggles to shield your eyes from dust and debris.
  8. First Aid Kit: A compact first aid kit with essentials like band-aids, antiseptic wipes, and pain relievers can be a lifesaver in case of minor injuries.
  9. Bike Repair Tools: Don't forget to inquire at your rental shop about the availability of a bike repair kit or a contact number for any mishaps or accidents that may occur during your ride.  If you’re a pro make sure you carry a basic bike repair kit.
  10. Positive Attitude: Lastly, even when it gets or you feel discouraged don’t forget that adventurous spirit and positive attitude that got you out in the first place. Mountain biking is about having fun and embracing the challenges that come your way!
Photo Credit: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Getting Started with Biking: Workshops or Classes

The Mountain Discovery Lesson at Revelstoke Mountain Resort is a  lesson that will provide expert instruction,  with a supportive environment, that will leave you inspired, empowered, and ready to continue your mountain biking journey.

10:00 am Beginner Package: $189CAD + tax

Lesson Only: $99.00CAD + tax

1:30 pm Beginner Package: $169.00CAD + tax

Lesson Only: $89.99CAD + tax

The package includes a lift ticket, a full-suspension bike rental, and armor.

Wandering Wheels Pedal Tours offers a truly unique way to explore the landscapes of Revelstoke on two wheels. Combining the exhilaration of mountain biking with the immersive experience of a guided tour. Their guides know all the best trails and will curate the perfect experience for you and your group based on riding preferences, abilities, and conditions.

Half Day (3 hours): $225CAD/First Rider + $55CAD/Additional Rider

Full Day  $395CAD/First Rider + $75CAD/Additional Rider (includes lunch)

Photo Credit: Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Our Favorite Mountain Biking Trails In Revelstoke

Revelstoke Mountain Resort Bike Park

With an extensive network of purpose-built trails and world-class facilities, the bike park offers an exhilarating and unforgettable riding experience with the help of a lift. The resort offers trails suitable for all levels of experience.

When you book two or more nights directly with Basecamp Resorts you can save 25% on lift passes. If you buy tickets online ahead of time you can save up to 20% with our Stay and Play Packages, with Tourism Revelstoke.

Below is a list of locals’ hand picked favorites at Revelstoke Mountain Resort:

Beginner: Salad Fingers (Flowly & fun, great views)

Intermediate: Fifty Six Twenty (lower + upper), Bagful of Boogie, Bagpipe

Advanced: Rusty Spoon, Doomsday, & End Game

Family Friendly: Salad Fingers, & Fifty Six Twenty Lower, Skills Zone

Macpherson Trails

The Macpherson trail network, located just 25 minutes from Basecamp Resorts Revelstoke, is a haven for riders of all skill levels. With over 50 kilometers of trails, Macpherson offers something for everyone.

Beginners and intermediate riders can enjoy scenic and flowy trails like Beaver Tail or Hemlock Groove. These trails provide a great introduction to mountain biking, with well-mainted paths, gentle climbs, and fun descents through lush forests.

For more experienced riders seeking a challenge Macpherson delivers with technical singletrack trails like the iconic Flowdown or the exhilarating TNT. These trails feature technical sections, rock gardens, rooty descents, and fast-flowing segments that will push your skills and keep you engaged.

Boulder Mountain Trails

Boulder Mountain is a short 20 minute drive from Basecamp Resorts Revelstoke, Boulder Mountain offers a true backcountry mountain biking experience. This expansive trail system is known for its stunning alpine scenery, rugged terrain, and thrilling descents.

Boulder Mountain is best suited for Intermediate and advanced riders will relish the challenge of trails like Logging Leftovers or Boondocker (upper and lower) These trails will take you into the alpine offering panoramic views of surrounding peaks and rewarding descents.

Both Macpherson and Boulder Mountain offer well-marked trails with clear signage and trail maps, ensuring riders can navigate with easter. It’s essential to check trail conditions and closures before heading out, as these areas are subject to changes and maintenance.

Top Picks for Post-Ride Eats and Drinks

After an invigorating mountain biking session, there’s nothing quite like rewarding yourself with a cold beverage and a hearty snack. Here are a few of our fav local spots.

At the bottom of Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Mackenzie Tavern offers a variety of options to satisfy your post-ride cravings. In the heart of downtown Revelstoke you will find Craft Bierhaus and La Baguette. At Craft Bierhaus we recommend one of the many local beers on draught and if you try La Baguette, their classic wood oven pizza, is the perfect way to end your day.

Revelstoke’s mountain biking scene offers a little something for everyone. Also, as you prepare for your own adventure, remember to set aside some time to kick back, relax and revel on the glory, that is Revelstoke. After all, this is #TheRealStoke. Book your stay at Basecamp Resorts Revelstoke and set out on your mountain biking adventure today!

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